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A curse meant to drain a target’s energy, power, and motivation. 

In the manga and in Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Saturn used this attack on Pharaoh 90, gradually draining him of all of his strength and vitality as well as forcing him to separate from the earth completely.



  • A piece of garnet (garnet is used to leech energy from a target)
  • A purple ribbon
  • A taglock for the target – in this case, I would use a cloth poppet


  1. Construct your poppet, or whatever taglock you wish to use for your target
  2. Hold the garnet against the taglock
  3. While focusing on your intent, wrap the purple ribbon around the taglock, holding the garnet in place – tie the ribbon in a knot when finished
  4. Store in a dark place to manifest


  • If you choose to construct a cloth poppet by hand, you can fill the poppet with garnet gem chips, sew it together, and then wrap it with purple ribbon

Spacial Rend 💫

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A destructive spell based on Palkia’s signature move called “Spacial Rend” from Pokemon. This spell will inflict emotional pain and mental anguish upon the target, tearing them away from all of the things they care for. 


Items required:

  • Visualization
  • A taglock for the target
  • Paper
  • A red or black candle
  • A fire safe container
  • A small jar


  1. Light your candle within the fire safe container you’ve chosen
  2. Place the taglock in front of the container
  3. Using visualization, imagine that you are sending a wave of destructive cosmic energy at the target, causing them to feel the pain and anguish I mentioned above
  4. When ready, hold the paper in front of you with both hands and tear it in half
  5. Burn the paper along with the taglock for your target and let the ashes fall into the container that the candle is housed in
  6. Bottle some of the ashes and seal it with wax from the candle – dispose of the rest
  7. Snuff out the candle
  8. Keep this jar hidden in darkness and allow the spell to manifest

Prying Eyes [a spell]

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A spell meant to protect an object, being, or space from being seen by certain people; a spell to have an object inside your home go unnoticed by creating a barrier across your threshold. 

Items & Ingredients: 

  • Black chime candle with holder
  • Dragon’s blood oil 
  • Carving tool 
  • Mortar & pestle
  • Chili powder
  • Chili flakes
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Black salt
  • Small jar


Performed in the hour of Saturn on the night of the dark moon.

  1. Inscribe on the candle “prying eyes cannot see” while focusing on the object or space you want to keep hidden
  2. Anoint the candle with Dragon’s blood oil and place in its holder – light the candle 
  3. Combine the ingredients in your mortar and proceed to grind into a powder – for this particular spell, the powder doesn’t need to be finely ground 
  4. As you grind up your ingredients, repeat the inscription carved into the candle aloud: “prying eyes cannot see”
  5. Add the powder to a jar and seal – set the jar in front of the candle as it burns down completely
    1. I happened to use a jar whose lid has a chalkboard surface, so I drew the symbol of Saturn on the top of the jar in chalk 
  6. Once the candle has burned down, you may sprinkle the powder outside of your front door

Your Hatred Is Your Own (Curse Jar)

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A spell jar to isolate the negative energy of a person.

– Red pepper
– Ginger
– Dirt (as dry as possible)
– Common rock
– Name sigil of the intended victim

1. Collect your ingredients and prepare your workspace
2. Find or create a name sigil for the intended victim. Write it on a paper.
3. Add the ingredients to the jar.
4. Crumple up the sigil paper or burn it and add the ashes to the jar.
5. Seal with a white candle.

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i truly think soup is a witch’s best friend! it’s eclectic ‘n frugal, makes lots to be shared, and always yearning for herbs + spices. below is my go-to cheddar and cauliflower recipe, perfect for late autumn (and soothing your witchy spirit)🌘🍂 

🍃 INGREDIENTS //  fills ~15 medium bowls

*herbs n spices (below)  *1 head o’ cauliflower 

*1 large onion  *2 large carrots  *1 large russet potato (peeled) 

*1/4c half-n-half (or substitute^)   *2c shredded cheddar cheese^

🍂 HERBS ‘N SPICES // my general correspondences attached, i infuse my intentions into my food along the way ~ make this recipe a sacred ritual for yourself!

*garlic, 5 cloves – divine protection, strength, power

*black peppercorns, generous – protects from negative energy, uncrossing

*cumin seed, large pinch – drives out negative energy, closeness, offering

*dried red chili, to taste but i use 2 bird’s eye chilis or several dashes of chili flake – passion, realization, cleansing

*salt, generous –  lol everything, prosperity, protection, cleansing

*turmeric, several heavy dashes – abundance, menstrual relief, warmth

*dill, two heavy dashes – clarity, good fortunate, growth

*caraway seeds, garnish – memory work, retention, expression


-chop vegetables, reserving 2 cups of cauliflower florets to roast in olive oil at 400°F ‘til crisp

-toast cumin seed, garlic, pepper + chili in soup pot then add veggies w/ generous salt and fill with broth (i make homemade veggie broth every week, click for recipe) or water or both until veggies are ¾ covered

-bring to a boil then simmer until soft (~25 minutes) 

-blend ingredients until smooth. stir in cream, cheese, turmeric, and dill

-enjoy with crispy cauliflower + caraway seeds! 

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Prayer to the Ancestors
The Forest of the Future
Brooklyn, NY
March, 2013

This is a prayer to the dead.

This is a prayer to the queer, gay, transgender, transsexual, inverted, perverted, crossdressing, cocksucking, fist­swinging, cunt­fisting, Boston married, lavender married, lavender menacing, fearsome, fierce, and fearless ancestors who came before us.

This is for the queens thrown out of the Pride they created, for the dark­skinned people pushed out of the movements they started, for the third­gender people around the world who have faced prejudices introduced by Western colonialism.

This is a prayer to the ones who died in the plague. This is a prayer to ALL the ones who died in the plague.

This is a prayer to those kicked out, knocked out, strung out, fucked up, and given up.

This is a prayer to those who fucked to survive, and those who fucked to be truly alive. This is a prayer to those who never fucked at all.

This is a prayer to those who died violent deaths. This is a prayer to those who went down fighting.

This is a prayer to our queer ancestors, all those who came before us, all those who have died.
This is a prayer of thanks for the difficult steps they walked, in order to pack down the path that much more for those of us who walk it now.

We are gathered here to celebrate queer community. We must acknowledge the people whose bones make up the foundations of our queer spaces. We are awash in their ghosts tonight. They must be recognized.

The ones who died in prisons
The ones who died in asylums
The ones who died in the streets
The ones who died of sickness
The ones who died murdered by johns, or relatives, or doctors, or thugs

To the ones who lied to get the medical treatment they needed and deserved: we hold no grudges. You had to survive. You are forgiven.
The ones who lied to stay in their homes: we hold no grudges. You had to survive. You are forgiven.
The ones who lied to keep their families together: we hold no grudges. You had to survive. You are forgiven.

The ones who could not lie, could not hide, and brought down the wrath of many for daring to live truly: we thank you. It is because of you that we may simply exist today.

This is a prayer to our queer ancestors: we thank you for the blessings you won for us, those we see and those we take for granted.
You died fighting. We have always been fighting, and our mightiest weapon is our love. We extend our love to you, our ancestors, tonight, in acknowledgement of your sacrifices, in gratitude for the suffering you endured so we might not have to suffer so, and in solidarity with the struggles you began and which we continue.

We know you are present with us here tonight, for wherever we gather, we bring with us the souls of our dead. We call upon you to ask your guidance in expurging the specters of bigotry from our communities, to cast out prejudices which have impaired our movements for so long. Racism is still alive and with us today. Classism is still alive and with us today. Masculinity is still prized over the feminine. Mental illness, however common, is stigmatized. Queer beauty standards are still beauty standards. The needs of the loudest often drown out the voices of those who have been marginalized in the dominant culture, so that they remain marginalized in queer spaces as well. These divisive power dynamics cannot be allowed to continue to flourish.

We invoke you, our queer ancestors, to guide us to a place of greater understanding, and to pull the rug from under those of us who require it in order to recognize our own privilege. Wake us up.

We call upon you, our queer ancestors, to help us realize our greatness as individuals and as a community, to banish the anxiety and fears that plague us, to break the barriers that separate us and strengthen the ties that unify us. Help us genuinely love and respect one another, and ourselves.

This is a prayer to our queer ancestors, to the ones we know and those we do not know.

We thank those who have walked the roads we walk down now, who have carried the burdens now passed on to us. Upon the legacy they have left us, we will continue to build our communities, and to tear down the systems of oppression that arise within them. We have a right to exist on this earth, and we will continue their fight for our liberation for as long as it takes.

We are not alone, and we have never been alone.

[Do not repost without author permission.]

so. this sermon performance in 2013 was my first experience working with the ancestors.

I started writing a long and detailed explanation of how it came to pass, but what is actually important is just this:

sometimes, in your life, you will come across a metaphorical ringing phone. someone will need helping, something will need doing, and that someone or something will not be picky about who answers. if you answer, it is up to you to do the work, but not because you have been chosen. you were there and you were willing. you simply picked up the phone.

in March of 2013, the collective grief of the transgender dead set out a ringing phone, and I picked it up. all of the tools I need to do their work have come into my life, little by little, since I did. I am not the only one doing their work. I am not “chosen” to do their work because I am somehow special. I continue to do their work because it needs to be done, and I am able to do it, and because I picked up the phone when it rang.

I felt their anger and it pushed me to speak up for them, and that is what I do.

Crystals that are NOT suitable for placing in water / making gem water

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This list will explain common stones that are either toxic to use for drinking in gem water or stones that are soluble in water. 🙂

Alunite: Non toxic but soluble in water

Anglesite: Toxic and slightly soluble in water

Arsenopyrite: Potentially toxic

Azurite: Harmful

Azurite-Malachite: Harmful

Azurite-Pseudomalachite: Harmful

Bunsenite: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Calomel: Possibly hazardous to health

Cerussite: Toxic

Chalcanthite: Harmful; easily soluble in water

Cinnabar: Very toxic!

Cinnabar-Opal: The cinnabar stored in the opal is toxic

Crocoite: Toxic 

Cuprite: Harmful

Durangite: Potentially toxic

Eclipse Stone: Limestone with orpiment, toxic

Eilat Stone: Harmful

Erythrite: Potentially toxic

Fiedlerite: Toxic

Fluorite, Antozonite variety: Potentially harmful

Galenite: Toxic and slightly soluble in water

Gaspeite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Greenockite: Toxic

Halite: Not toxic in small quantities, but dissolves easily in water

Iron-nickel Meteorite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Jamesonite: Potentially toxic

Lemon Chrysoprase: Potentially harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Lopezite: Very toxic! Hazardous even through skin contact

Malachite: Harmful

Millerite: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Minium: Toxic

Nickeline: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Olivenite: Potentially toxic

Orpiment: Toxic

Proustite: Potentially toxic

Psilomelane and Pyrolusite: Harmful

Pyromorphite: Potentially toxic

Rauenthalite: Toxic

Realgar: Toxic. Store in dark, securely locked place.

Scorodite: Potentially toxic

Sphaerocobaltite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Stibnite: Harmful

Tetrahedrite: Potentially harmful

Ulexite: Non toxic but slightly soluble in warm water

Valentinite and Senarmontite: Harmful

Vanadinite: Toxic

Wulfentie: Potentially toxic

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Signal boost. This is vital information, folks.

Also turquoise is water soluble

selenite is also water soluble, and feldspars like labradorite and rainbow moonstone can lose their luster if left submerged.

This is lengthy, but if you plan on bathing with crystals, charging them in water, putting them in drinking water, or getting them wet in any way you have to do your research to make sure that they won’t dissolve, harm your skin, or literally poison you. Be smart and do the reading! 

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for my witches spending holidays with possibly unpleasant family members, some spell suggestions~

happy holidays my dears! ♡

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Grimoire / Book of Shadows

A Grimoire mostly known as Book of Shadows is basically a Witches Diary!

It holds Spells, Divination, Corespondents, your Personal notes etc.

Your Grimoire is YOURS! you make the rules, there is no certain way a Grimoire has to be written and set up!

Always make sure your Grimoire is protected and doesn’t fall into the hands of others! A protective Sigils is always good to use!

Some keep several Grimoires specific for one topic each, i.e One for Spells, one for Tarot, one for Dreams one for Recipes etc. once again your Grimoire your rules!

What to use for your Grimoire:

You can use everything from binders to composition books, you can make your own binding, even papers in a folder. However you want to keep your Grimoire is up to you. Some even keep an online and digital Grimoire on their phones and/or computers.

If you don’t want to use too many pages for one topic you can add Envelopes, Envelopes are awesome to keep Star maps, portable Divination spreads and boards and dried flowers, herbs, pictures etc.

You can keep your Grimoire simple or decorate it with symbols, drawings, washi tape, pressed flowers etc. if you mess up a page you can paint over it or glue something over it or however you’d like to fix it.

Keep and Index so you know where everything is, color coding is an awesome option too.

Grimoire Ideas

💀 Your Witch Rules

💀 Moon Phases

💀 Wheel of the year

💀 Sabbats

💀 Runes

💀 Tarot Spreads

💀 Pendulum Board

💀 Spirit Board

💀 Spirits and Spirit Experiences

💀 Palmistry

💀 Auras

💀 Astrology

💀 Zodiacs

💀 Constellation

💀 Natal Chart

💀 Cleansing and Banishing

💀 Herbs and Flowers and their uses

💀 Crystals and their meanings and uses

💀 Candle Color Correspondence

💀 Enchanting

💀 Days of the week

💀 Familiars

💀 Deities, God’s and Goddesses

💀 Spells, Chants and Songs

💀 Dream Interpretation

💀 Sigils

💀 Spell Bottles and Jars

💀 Potions

💀 Recipes and DIY’s

💀 Altar Ideas

💀 Pentagram

💀 The Elements

💀 Numerology

💀 Rituals

💀 Prayers

💀 Witches Alphabet

💀 Tea Blends

💀 Symbols

💀 Mythical Creatures

💀 The History of Witchcraft

💀 Witch Tools

💀 Personal Journal Entires

💀 Meditation

💀 Mirror Page

💀 Notes