Self-Love Spray

Published August 6, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust
Self-Love Spray

Purpose: If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, mist yourself with this Self-Love Spray.

Materials: A spray bottle (alternatively, you can use a regular bottle and simply dab the mixture on yourself); 12 fresh rose petals; lavender essential oil; a lemon; a pot/cauldron; a stove, fire, or kettle; 4 cups water.

This spell is best done…: During a waning moon.


Cast circle and call quarters if desired. Ground and centre if needed.

Concentrate on driving away negative feelings. Visualize what pain, anxiety, and self-hate look like. What colours are they? What do they feel like? For me, negative feelings are dark brown and feel gritty like wet sand or dirt. Next, visualize what good feelings look and feel like. Imagine these good feelings replacing the bad. Say:

“I bless this work with self-love.”

Pour 4 cups water into the pot. If you don’t have a stove or fire, boil the water in a kettle before you add it. To the water, add 12 drops lavender essential oil. As you add the oil, say:

“I banish anxiety. I bring peace.”

Add 12 rose petals, saying:

“I banish pain. I bring love.”

Add the juice of a fresh lemon, saying:

“I banish negativity. I bring happiness.”

Pour all the good energy you can into the mixture. I like holding my hands over the pot and picturing myself literally pouring bright light into the pot as if it’s water running from my fingers. Say:

“Darkness is banished and light comes to me. So mote it be.” *

Bring the water to a boil and let sit, uncovered, for about 20 minutes (or, it kettle was used, let sit for 20 minutes). Strain the mixture into a bottle and discard the petals and any other leftover materials in the water (i.e. lemon seeds).

Carry the bottle with you, spraying yourself whenever you feel the need to. I like halving the mixture; keep a bottle put away, and carry a tiny mister with you.

*You can replace “So mote it be” with any statement you wish.

Spell written by: Deborah Lipp
Spell from: Llewellyn’s 2014 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac


Sea Witchery – Introduction To Submerged Magic

Published August 3, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust



Note: This is just me, one person’s opinions on a practice. Things that I state to be true for me may not be true for everyone. I will not take responsibility for anyone’s actions.

Down, Down, Down

Being underwater, I think is one of the strongest sensations I’ve ever felt and it just so happens to be one of the few things that calms me down so I like to incorporate this in my practice. Also, I’m not huge on rituals myself but if I do engage in them, I prefer to do them underwater because I can gather more energy that way. Some of my spells tend to be stronger if I cast them underwater.

Also, if you work with a sea deity, this is a wonderful way to make offerings or communicate with them.

Finding a Place to Practice
There are a bunch of places you can begin to practice submerged magic. Before you begin actually casting or engaging in anything, you should probably simply practice being underwater and focusing on that feeling.

Some places to practice:

  • The bathtub
  • A pool
  • A lake (I would definitely, definitely go with a friend so they can make sure that you stay safe.)
  • The ocean (Again, go with a friend, during the day. Night time, even with a dozen friends can be ridiculously dangerous.)

Now before I continue with this, there’s a few common sense points that I would like to note here;

1. Chances are that you don’t have gills. That being said you’re going to need to resurface every 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Don’t forget to take this into account when doing submerged magic.

2. Safety first. Bring a friend to sit on the sidelines and watch even if it’s just outside the bathroom while you’re in the tub.

3. There are obviously going to be some supplies you can’t take with you when going under such as candles, lighters etc. Just saying.

4. Traveling and or meditating underwater or even in the tub unsupervised is definitely a big risk. I wouldn’t suggest it.

Casting Underwater

It’s just like casting anywhere else, you need to be aware of your surroundings and come fully prepared with all of your items. You can basically use anything under water that you could above it, herbs can be sprinkled in the tub or held in your hand if you’re under water, food coloring (for anything other than the ocean), flowers etc. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

Water Spell To Soothe Anxiety

Published August 3, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust
Water Spell to Soothe Anxiety


What you will need:

  • 1 cup or bowl of natural water (rain water, pond water, lake water, puddle water, etc.)


  1. Collect your water.
  2. Let the water charge overnight, beneath the moon.
  3. Once it’s fully changed, dip all of your fingers into the water.
  4. Inhale and exhale deeply…
  5. …envision the water traveling up through your fingertips and into your veins, all throughout your body from head to toes.
  6. Let this soothe you and calm you as you say:

“As this water is my blood
and my blood, this water
Soothe me.
Bring me peace.
I am tranquil, and I am still
as the water from which
my blood is borne.”

Press your wet fingertips to your cheeks and breathe out/feel the negative energy of your anxiety leaving your body.

Smokeless Cleansing

Published August 3, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust


Rosemary & Lavender : Smokeless Cleansing

For those of you who can’t or prefer not to cleans an area with smoke, this is perfect for dorms, and for those practicing behind closed doors.


  • Air tight bottle ( anything with a lid ) 
  • Couple sprigs of Rosemary & Lavender, fresh preferred.
  • Vodka ( if you can access this water will do )
  • ( optional ) spray bottle ( can be found in dollar stores )


  1. Take the sprigs of lavender and rosemary, ( not to much you have to fit them in your bottle/container ) and tie them together, at the stem. 
  2. fill your bottle half way with vodka, and the rest with water, and stick your herbs heads down.
  3. Let sit for at least a week, shaking lightly.
  4. (optional) if you purchased a spray bottle, after a week transfer your liquid to that, you can place the herbs into the bottle as long as there isn’t any free floating debris. 

For use

When it comes time to use it, simply pull the herbs from the bottle / container, using them to flick the mixture around the space. : Long swiping motions for large areas, and short flicks for small spaces. If your mixture is in a spray bottle simply spray it in the area needed. 

For storing

For storing keep enclosed, and watch to see if the herbs need to be replaced or simply taken out.

Spell To Calm Overreacting

Published July 10, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust



  • white or blue candle
  • lavender essential oil or incense

This can be done whenever needed. It is actually more of an affirmation than a spell, so you might want to memorize it and say it whenever you feel yourself starting to overreact or lose control of your emotions. You only need the candle the first time you do the spell.

Anoint the candle with lavender essential oil or burn lavender incense (you can do both, if you like). Lavender is an easy scent to find and you can use it later to remind yourself to stay calm. If necessary, you can dab a bit of essential oil on a tissue and tuck it in your pocket.

Light the candle and focus on the flame and the calming smell for little awhile. Then, say the spell as slowly and calmly as possible.

“I am calm and in control.
Rooted in Earth,
Soothed by Water,
Brought clarity by the Air,
The Fire within has burned to embers.
I am calm and in control.”

Tarot Balance Spell

Published July 10, 2014 by fueledbypixiedust


Light a gray or white candle, and place before it the Chariot card from your favorite tarot deck. Take a good look at the card, meditate on it. The charioteer is strong, determined, but above all, they are balanced. Now, write a list of the things you wish to improve in your life so you may achieve balance — a better diet, financial control, better relationships, and so on. After you complete the list, say the following:

West, east, south, and north, 
As the Chariot I go forth; 
Careful in thought, word and deed, 
I have the strength to succeed. 

Extinguish the candle. Take a moment every day (or whenever you might feel overwhelmed in life) to light the candle, chant the incantation and read over the list.

Notes: this can be easily modified for use of a different card that you may feel a stronger connection with.